• Napoleon

    The Scent of an Emperor.


    Regarded as one of the best military commanders in history, Napoleon led France in a series of wars building an empire across Europe.


    Net Wt. Approx 6.2oz

    Contents: 100% Natural Soy Wax.

    Color: Blue-Green

    Scent Description: It is well documented the Napoleon Bonaparte himself was very keen on cologne and fragrance. It is said that Napoleon used 3 75ml bottles a day of his favorite cologne and even ordered 72 bottles of it in one month in October 1808. Napoleon's favorite scent was rosemary. So here we are. We decided to give Napoleon a scent-shout out as we blended a scent for this candle that pulls some of the fragrance notes from his favorite cologne. If Napoleon's cologne was good enough to mask the body odor of the early 1800's, then this candle is perfect for masking any unwanted scent in your space!