Wild Bill Hickok
  • Wild Bill Hickok

    A bear wrestling, gunslinging, gambling lawman


    In July 1861 the McCanles gang met their end at the hand of Wild Bill at Rock Creek. Known as a legendary gunslinger, Wild Bill would go on to win many more shootouts as a sheriff and marshal in Kansas. This is of course after he wrestled an angry bear, killing it with a knife.


    Net Weight: 6.2oz (approx.)
    Contents: 100% All-Natural Soy Wax
    Color: Brown
    Burn Time: 28+ hours


    Scent Description: Saddle up. This is going to be long trek outside Abilene to apprehend the latest gang of outlaws. Along the way you're ambushed by the notorious train robbers and an epic gun fight ensues. Gun smoke fills the air as you sharp shoot your way out of danger and wrangle up the last desperado. 


    Scent Notes: Leather and Gun Smoke. 


    Available with a standard wick, crackling wood wick or as wax melts.