• Pegasus

    Wild. Free. Divine.

    An immortal and winged horse, Pegasus was tamed by the hero Bellerophon and together they slayed many monsters. Pegasus was eventually stabled by Zeus who tasked him to pull his chariot. After years of service, Zeus granted Pegasus a place in the heavens forever as a constellation.

    Net Weight: 6.2oz (approx.)
    Contents: 100% All Natural Soy Wax.
    Color: White
    Burn Time: 28+ hours

    Scent Description: Masculine elegance and the freedom of the open road where boundaries do not exist. It's the scent of feeling like a million bucks when you only have a crumpled up five. It's a scent that makes you feel like you're on a mega yacht when you're only on an inflatable raft. It's a scent that cannot be tamed as it will only bring you with it. It is truly wild, free and divine.

    Available with a standard cotton wick, crackle wood wick or as wax melts. You pick!