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  • Gentleman's Club Luxury

    Welcome to the Gentleman's Club.


    Historically, Gentleman's Clubs were created in London set up by men and reserved for the upper class. Clubs typically have formal dining, bars, libraries and parlours for gaming and socializing. High class stature of wealth is typically not enough to warrant entry as a member into some of the most elite clubs. Some of the premier clubs also interview any potential member and hold a vote by committee as to if the candidate is "gentleman" enough to be accepted by the club.


    Important Note:

    As these candles are made-to-order and handcrafted at the time of ordering, please allow up to one (1) week for your order to be shipped to you. Special care instructions will be included in your delivery. Also, handcrafted means that no two candles will be exactly alike. Slight variations may occur from order to order even though we follow an exact recipe and measurement. Quality always comes standard. 


    ALL Gentleman's Club Candles come standard with the following:

    - Beeswax and Coconut Wax blend

    - Crackling Wood Wick

    - Premium, one-of-a-kind luxury scents blended in house

    - No added colors - Will have a slight golden white hue due to the natural colors of the waxes.


    You must choose your vessel (container), scent, and lid.


    Choices for Vessels: 

    - Gold

    - Copper

    - Stonewashed

    - Matte White

    - Matte Black


    Scent Options:

    - Tobacco and Vanilla Clove

    - Redwood and Bergamot with Sandalwood

    - Vetiver and Peppered Lime with Basil


    Lid Options:

    - Gold

    - Copper

    - Natural Pine

    - Black Pine (out of stock. coming soon)



    Coming Soon:

    Subscribe and Save - You have the option to subscribe and save with the Executive Member or Royal Member subscriptions. 


    The Executive Member - $72.00/month

    - 1 Luxury Candle of your choice sent to you every month

    - Membership Card sent to you with a member code to use for site-wide savings of up to 20% year round, every day.

    - Free Wick Trimmer sent in your first shipment

    - 2 Free seasonal limited editions soy wax candles sent in October and December.

    - Save $18.00 per candle!


    The Royal Member - $85.00/year

    - 1 Luxury candle of your choice sent to you once a year.

    - Membership card sent to you with a member code to use for site-wide savings of up to 10% year round, everyday!

    - Save $5.00 per candle!

      Price Options
      One-time purchase
      Executive Member
      $60.00monthly/ auto-renew
      Royal Member
      $70.00yearly/ auto-renew