A King's Feast - Wax Melt Wooden Box Set
  • A King's Feast - Wax Melt Wooden Box Set

    Who says wax melts are just for women?


    The King's Feast Box Set of wax melts will have your mouth literally watering. This set is all about those foods that are just every real man's man staple in the kitchen. I'm talking Bacon, Beef Jerky, Grilled Steak and yes, beer. Sounds too good to be true... well it is only because it's only wax melts and not the actual food... but these little melts will have you either tempted to eat them (please don't) or inspired to cook up the real dish for yourself!


    You can even use them as deceptive tricks - like when your wife wants you to make breakfast but you don't want to so you just whip up some cereal - don't forget to melt some bacon wax melts to fool her! Or when you want to be left alone after a long hard day at work - throw some beer melts on the melter and say you've had too many to drink and you're off to bed.. the possibilities are endless! 


    Included in the King's Feast Box Set:

    20 Bacon

    20 Grilled Steak (wood fire)

    20 Peppered Beef Jerky

    20 Beer

    1 Wooden Gift Box


    All the melts are made from 100% All Natural Soy Wax with phthalate-free fragrances. No Frills, just all natural ingredients for a cleaner melt!