• Bigfoot

    A Native American Legend 1,000 Years Old.


    The legend of Bigfoot goes back in Native American lore for about 1,000 years. Thousands of sightings have been reported. Unidentified foot prints and audio clips have been recorded. Perhaps most infamous is the 1967 Patterson-Gimlin film where an alleged Bigfoot was captured on film. Frame 352 shows the creature looking at the camera. While the creature has been debated, the film itself was proven authentic.


    Net Wt.: 6.2oz (approx.)
    Contents: 100% All Natural Soy Wax
    Color: Orange-Brown; Cedar
    Burn Time: 27.5+ hours
    Scent Throw Power: Strong


    Scent Description: Finally, after a long road trip, we've arrived in Northern California ready to camp in the majestic redwood forest. The campsite is readied and so begins a long night of bizarre occurrences. First, the trees sound like they are breaking off. A strange howling sound sends chills down your spine. Your blood pressure rises, sweat pouring down your nervous face. It's getting closer to the tent... you yell at the top of lungs hoping to scare it away. It answers you back. Run! Make a mad dash to the vehicle... too late. It's already here.... the infamous park ranger doing checks. All is going to be alright tonight (we hope). Light up this candle and always remember the night you almost saw... Bigfoot.    


    Scent notes: Birch, Redwood, Cedar, Cypress, Forest Berry.