Jim Dandy
  • Jim Dandy

    A Well Groomed Aristocratic Lifestyle

    In the late 18th and 19th centuries, Dandyism rose in popularity. The perfect Dandy wouldn't just delight in excessive material elegance or obsess over clothing and fashion, but would revel in what Dandies believe is the Aristocratic "superiority of mind".


    Net Wt.: 6.2oz (approx.)
    Contents: 100% All Natural Soy Wax
    Color: Cream
    Burn Time: 28+ hours


    Scent Description:
    Behold the scent of sophistication. It's a scent that screams style and luxury. It is the scent of a newly groomed, high class man in a London barbershop during the Victorian era. This scent will surely intrigue the ladies, so be warned when you light this candle. Unfortunately, we do not recommend to use this as deodorant however compelled. Go ahead and light this candle and let your classy style smell up the room.


    Available with a standard cotton braided wick or a crackling wooden wick - you pick! Also available as wax melts!