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  • What do your candles smell like?
    Like an epic, majestic, mind-blowing extravaganza into the best smelling man cave you can dream about. Our candles are sure to transport your smell buds to another world.
  • What is a "Mandle"?"
    It's a candle except it's geared to please the noses of the men of men; the men who climb rock walls with both feet tied together; the men who paraglide from a rooftop through an open window for a business meeting; the men who chop down forests with nothing but their razor sharp beards. These candles are for men who feel like there's nothing they can't "mandle".
  • Are your candles all natural?
    They are! We use high quality 100% soy wax and natural fragrance oils that are blended with essential oils, resins and extracts. It helps keep your air cleaner and your candle burning longer. You're welcome. High Five!
  • How long do your candles last?
    Of course this varies by the size of the candle, ambient temperature, altitude, burning conditions, etc. - generally speaking - if you took no care to trim your wick after every burn to 1/4" every time - so the potential of larger, oversized flames exists which will increase heat and consume the candle faster. You'll still get about 27-29 hours out of our tins. If you take extreme care of your wick and have optimal burning conditions, you can max out burn times at about 35 hours. For people burning these candles at sea level - you may experience slightly shorter, not really noticable burn times vs someone in the high Rockies. (Less air = less fuel = cooler burn = slower burn) but no real scientific tests have been done to prove this. If you were going to take this on your climb up Mt. Everest, thank you, but it would probably die out well before the 27 hour mark while not burning completely.
  • Why Tins and not glass jars?
    Simply put, we are men. Active men who want to spend more time doing manly things and that diverts our attention elsewhere. When our attention is elsewhere, sometimes, our pets can knock them over. Glass breaks. Tins do not. No need to worry about sharp glass shards on your floor. Try taking a glass candle on an RV trip and forget to secure it. Wont matter with our tins! You can sleep easy tonight - we've got your back.
  • Help! My wood wick candle won't re-light!
    Wood wicks are different beasts from your standard cotton or braided wicks. First, lets get that candle burning again: 1. Trim of any charred parts of your wick. Don't be too afraid to cut low and close to the wax. You should only have about 1/8" of the wick exposed and ideally have most of the black, charred wood off. Try re-lighting it. Be patient. Any flame is good at this moment. Just let it burn if it will no matter how small the flame. If it goes out again - move to the next step. 2. Melt a small amount of wax around the wick either by lighting the wick or by holding the match/lighter close to the wax. Be careful not to burn yourself. Fold up a paper towel and be very careful - dab up some of the wax around the wick. Discard the paper towel and let the candle cool then re-light. You may have to repeat this a couple times to allow the wick to "breathe". Typically, the wick will start to hold a flame. Why did this happen? It is especially important to let wood wick candles melt all the way to the sides of the container on the first burn. As crazy as it may sound, wax actually can have and retain a sort of wax "memory". If the candle wasnt allowed to have an evenly melted wax pool all the way to the sides, and was cooled, tunneling can occur. The next time you burn it, it only melts to the same point it melted before and before long you have a tunnel dug in the center of your candle. This can drown your wick and make it almost impossible to burn. Especially on the first burn, and ideally everytime you burn the candle, you should allow an even melt pool. Typically this can be 2 hours or more. Be patient. Rest assured, although we only reccommend burning our candles for 4 to 5 hours at a time, we have vigoriously tested burning them for over 10 hours straight without issue. By burning the candle for 3-4 hours to ensure an even burn, will not do anything to the integrity of the candle and you can enjoy re-lighting your candle without coming back to read this again and again.
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