Frequently asked questions

What do your candles smell like?

Like an epic, majestic, mind-blowing extravaganza into the best smelling man cave you can dream about. Our candles are sure to transport your smell buds to another world.

What is a "Mandle"?

It's a candle except it's geared to please the noses of the men of men; the men who climb rock walls with both feet tied together; the men who paraglide from a rooftop through an open window for a business meeting; the men who chop down forests with nothing but their razor sharp beards. These candles are for men who feel like there's nothing they can't "mandle".

Are your candles all natural?

They are! We use high quality 100% soy wax and natural fragrance oils that are blended with essential oils, resins and extracts. It helps keep your air cleaner and your candle burning longer. You're welcome. High Five!

How long do your candles last?

Of course this varies by the size of the candle - generally speaking - under optimal conditions and care - our standard 6oz candle will last approx. 60 hours.

Why Tins and not glass jars?

Simply put, we are men. Active men who want to spend more time doing manly things and that diverts our attention elsewhere. When our attention is elsewhere, sometimes, our pets can knock them over. Glass breaks. Tins do not. No need to worry about sharp glass shards on your floor. Plus, they're cheaper! What man doesn't like cheap AND functional???