Julius Caesar
  • Julius Caesar

    The Rise of the Roman Empire


    After Caesar's victories in the Gallic wars, the Roman senate ordered him to abandon his military command and return to Rome. Knowing this would cause him to lose immunity to criminal prosecution by his enemies, Caesar instead marched his army into Rome starting a civil war which won him absolute control of the Empire as dictator.


    Net Wt: 6.2oz (approx)
    Contents: 100% All-Natural Soy Wax
    Color: Dark Purple
    Burn Time: 28 hours+
    Scent Throw Power: Subtle


    Scent Description: Expand your military might. There are lands to be conquered and riches to be had. There is but one who is in charge here. Nothing will stand in your way. You pay no attention to cost or material rarity. Only the best will do. Have your beautiful servants tend to your every wish and demand for YOU ARE EMPEROR! All Hail, Caesar!


    Scent notes: Coral, Moss, Velvet. 


    Available with a standard cotton wick, crackling wood wick or as wax melts.