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Smell Your Wild Side

All-Natural. Handcrafted. American Made. Veteran Owned.

 Riverman Candles
Leading National Brands
  • Made with All-Natural Waxes including soy, coconut and beeswax
  • Chemical free all-natural fragrances
  • Zero black smoke or black soot 
  • Environmentally friendly, renewable and responsibly sourced
  • Zero Harmful toxins
  • Biodegradable
  • Burns 25-40% longer than paraffin (same size comparison)
  • Handcrafted and hand poured directly in a single shop
  • Made with Paraffin wax which is derived from crude oil by-products such as gasoline
  • Fragrances made with phthalates - chemicals used to make some plastics and are known to cause health problems
  • Releases black smoke and leaves behind black soot which can build up on walls or ceilings
  • Not environmentally friendly, reliant on crude oil refining, non-renewable
  • Paraffin releases the chemicals benzene and toluene when burned. Both chemicals are known carcinogens also found in diesel fuel exhaust fumes. 
  • Produced in mass-producing factories

New Limited Edition

Fresh Cut Grass


Epic Scents to Unleash Manhood

Axe in Tree Stump

Introducing the ALL-NEW Adventurer Series

If you have a "scents" for adventure, there's a scent for that.


Whether you're an avid outdoorsman, a couch potato watching the Travel Channel or somewhere in between, our Adventurer Series Candles will take you on an epic journey through time and space to completely submerse you in the adventure of your choice. After all, what's the difference between physically being somewhere and actually mentally believing you are somewhere?...... That's deep and we're still trying to make scents of all of it.   

Legendary Series

What Kind of Legend Are You?

Try Our All-New Legendary Sampler Pack!


Men want awesome smelling candles. If you're like us, we dread picking out candles with our ladies. If we have to smell another cucumber melon candle again... ugh! 

It's about time to take back your airspace! These MANDLES are going to reinvigorate your inner man beast. Our Mandles are powerful and majestic like you but seductive enough for your lady friend. 


Oh, did we mention that our Mandles are 100% soy wax? All natural, clean and long lasting -just like you my friend!  



What real customers are saying

"It smells like a hot Italian man, stepping out of a shower" 
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