All-Natural and Rustic. 

Snap Back into Manhood with Pure Soy

For ages now, the narrative has been that candles are for women. With many candle companies out there making scented candles that appeal more to women, we realized that the world is literally devoid of epic, mind-blowing masculine geared candles. Men love candles too, just not rosy, peachy, insert flower name here type of candles. That's where our scents will save all of mankind from chronic nose-blindness while also intriguing the ladies with clean masculinity.




Paraffin Free

Aerial View of Farm

This is where we step up to the plate. We use nothing but high quality ingredients that are eco-friendly and safe for the environment. We use 100% all natural soy wax sourced from American soybeans and the fragrances we use are free of phthalates. We also use blended waxes such as coconut and beeswax to deliver clean, high quality candles. 


Unique, Epic, Mind-Blowing, scents that are all natural and safe for the environment while lasting longer! That's Riverman Candles.

Owner Christopher Pike is a 4-year US Navy Veteran having served onboard DDG-81, the USS Winston S. Churchill in Norfolk, VA. Alongside his candle making venture, he is a film festival director and lover of the outdoors!