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All-Natural and Rustic. 

Snap Back into Manhood with Pure Soy

One day it hit me. It hit me hard. As I looked around in a candle store I noticed that almost all of the candles on the shelf were geared for women. Flowery, powdery, fruity scents that most of us guys loathe but won't openly admit it to our ladies. I was motivated that day to learn how to make candles. Not just any candle; Masculine candles that guys would love and ladies would tolerate. Riverman Candles was born.

Aerial View of Farm

American Sourced

Most of the national branded candles are made with paraffin, a wax made from crude oil. I wanted to create candles that were cleaner, all-natural, burned longer and were American sourced. I started by selecting premium soy wax made from soybeans grown on American farms. Next I added fragrances that were Phthalate-free. What you get are high quality all natural American candles.  

Attention to Detail
Having served for 4 years in the US Navy, there's at least one thing I can tell you that you live and breathe everyday and that is attention to detail. The candles I create go through thorough testing and retesting to ensure you get a great burning candle with exceptional hot throw. The difference is in the details so they say. 

Unique, Epic, Mind-Blowing, scents that are all natural and safe for the environment while lasting longer! That's Riverman Candles.

Owner Christopher Pike is a 4-year US Navy Veteran having served onboard DDG-81, the USS Winston S. Churchill in Norfolk, VA. Alongside his candle making venture, he is a film festival director and lover of the outdoors!  

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