• Lionheart

    Excessive Cruelty with a Hint of Pride and Greed


    Richard I, the Lion Heart, revolted against his father taking the throne of England and led the Third Crusade against Saladin to take back the holy city of Jerusalem.


    Legend has it that this medieval candle is made from pure dragon's blood. We can neither confirm nor deny this legend.


    Net Wt. Approx 6.2oz

    Contents: 100% Natural Soy Wax.

    Color: Dark Red (solid) - Blood Red (Melted)


    Scent Description: Medieval and Middle Eastern. Dungeons and Dragons. Unforgiving kings and unrelenting knights. The powerful aroma of Lionheart will make you join his ranks and draw your sword for the kingdom. Best enjoyed in a castle, but a man cave will do.