Legendary Sampler Pack
  • Legendary Sampler Pack

    Want to try out our epically awesome, mind-blowing, party in your nostrils scents but not sure which one is for you? No worries. Try our sampler pack! 


    Each sample comes in a small 2oz tin (1.7oz of wax). All of the everyday legendary series scents are available. (Sorry, no limited editions)


    You can choose to get just one sample, a 4-pack, an 8-pack, or the Riverman's Hand - which is all 21 scents currently (with more coming soon!) Remember - Free Shipping for orders over $35.00 so the Riverman's Hand ships Free! (Best Value!)


    Get your smell on!


    1 sample - $3.50/candle
    4-pack - $3.35/candle
    8-pack - $3.15/candle
    16-pack - $3.00/candle
    Riverman's Hand - $2.85/candle


    Scent Choices include:
    Aycayia - (Teakwood and Spice)
    Blackbeard - (Bay Rum)
    Cleopatra - (Cinnamon and Egyptian Spices)
    Davy Crockett - (Pine and Apple)
    Doc Holliday - (Whiskey and Tobacco)
    Dracula - (Saffron, Ginger and Lime)
    Griffin - (Clean Masculinity)
    Hercules - (Juniper and Oakmoss)
    Jim Dandy - (Victorian era gentleman in a London barbershop)
    Joan of Arc - (French Merlot aged in an oak barrel)
    Julius Caesar - (Black Moss and Royal Velvet)
    Lionheart - (Middle Eastern Incense)
    Marco Polo - (Cedar and Clove)
    Manticore - (Vetiver and Vanilla)
    Napoleon - (Rosemary, Orange and Sandalwood)
    Pegasus - (Righteous Masculinity)
    Poseidon - (Violent Hurricane)
    Sea Serpent - (Sea Minerals and Musk)
    Wendigo - (Blue Spruce)
    Wild Bill Hickok - (Leather and Gun smoke)
    Zeus - (Divine Intervention)