• Cleopatra

    Political Power, Beauty and Seductiveness


    For over 20 years, Cleopatra ruled one of the most powerful kingdoms of the ancient world. Renowned for her beauty, the queen of Egypt was said to court many men.


    Net Wt. Approx 6.2oz

    Contents: 100% Natural Soy Wax.

    Color: Golden Yellow

    Scent Description: Cleopatra requests your presence immediately. You obey her command entering her court noticing her sultry look. You try to keep it together, but the allure of her beauty and the spicy, exotic aroma of Egyptian Frankincense and Cinnamon fills the room. It's easy to give in to her every wish for she is the most powerful and seductive woman in the world. Once you light this fire, there's no leaving the room. (Literally, don't leave candles unattended).