A Glass of Merlot
  • A Glass of Merlot

    Just poured and ready to savor.


    Imported from the Bordeaux region of southwest France, our signature 2001 aged Merlot is finally coming out of the wine cellar. 


    (Just kidding, please do not attempt to drink!)


    This epic candle will make you believe its real deal - minus the wick in the middle. Made to smell and look like a fine Merlot Wine best enjoyed over looking the beach at night from your dimly lit balcony. Or gazing off the cabin porch at the Rocky Mountains, or at I-5 during rush hour from your LA Apartment, whichever, it's great everywhere. 


    Wax Type: Gel
    Net Weight: Approx. 12oz.
    Scent: Merlot Wine.


    Gel Wax is a safe and clean burn. It actually isn't wax at all. It is a mixture of food grade mineral oil and resin. Gel wax will burn slightly hotter than other types of true waxes and for this reason we always test our fragrances in gel to ensure flashpoint safety. 


    This candle is made to order - please allow up to 3-4 days for your order to be crafted and shipped.